Back after a looong Time, Hello World!

It was quiet on this blog for a very long time. I was pretty busy in private and business life and lost my blogging/social media mojo completely.

Doing a lot of new stuff recently and changing my job role I decided to start this blog over again but with some changes:

New Topics

  • Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures

  • AWS, especially System Engineer stuff

  • MS Azure and how to combine it with other Cloud Services

  • IoT@Home, insights into stuff I do in my free time

  • Stuff that works for me

New Blog Design & Framework (thx Stoeps for the idea)

  • Hugo and AsciiDoc

  • AWS S3 and Cloudfront

  • Build pipeline

Hoping to get my old readers back and finding some new readers in the future. Comments always welcome (Blog, Twitter, Email)

Good to be back!