Monitor WebSphere with ELK and Nagios

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Worked a lot with the ELK stack for log management and Nagios for system monitoring in the last months and like both solutions a lot.

They are very flexible and customizable to match almost every customer environment. So the natural next step was to combine both solutions to build a very powerful system monitoring and management solution for WebSphere servers (IBM Connections/IBM Sametime).


  1. Filebeat acts as shipper on the WebSphere server and sends all SystemOut.logs to LogStash
  2. LogStash server uses a websphere filter to process the log messages and to cut them into fields
  3. LogStash sends the log messages/fields to ElasticSearch
  4. Elastalert analyzes the WebSphere messages/fields in the ElasticSearch DB (frequency, spikes, blacklist…) and sends alerts to Nagios
  5. Nagios gets notified through a passive check

Nice side effect is that I have all my WebSphere logs in the ElasticSearch DB and I can visualize the data with Kibana.

I will try to cover the involved steps through some blog posts in the near future. Please leave a comment if you are interested in a particular step which I should address first.