Ownerless IBM Connections Communities – Python Script for the rescue (and you can use it as Nagios Plugin as well)

We have a lot of ownerless IBM Connections Communities in our environment and I guess every Connections Admin faces this issue in his system.

I haven’t created a python script for a while, so challenge accepted. My specific task was:

  • Don’t use JDBC for DB connections
  • Create a python script which finds all ownerless Communities
  • Use the same script as Nagios Plugin
  • Integrate the script into our Nagios Monitoring

After some hours the result looks like this as CLI:


And that’s how it looks like in Nagios:




  • Use ibm_db for IBM DB2 connections in python
  • Creating Nagios plugins is easy
  • The data inside the DBs gives you a lot of power

I plan to enhance the script with some housekeeping functions like “Show me all Communities which weren’t changed since x-days”…
and of course will share the source code later on.

Which additional functions would you need, suggestions? Your feedback is very welcome 🙂





Hi Klaus,

great blog post !! Thanks a lot

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