Our Engage and BCCON sessions are online

- customisation ibm-connections presentation script scripting session

Back home and still in full speed mode after two very exciting and successful events.

Thank you Theo for giving us the possibility to be part of the Engage (BLUG) event in Breda, it was so much fun and we enjoyed every minute!

Wannes Rams together with me did a short version of our IBM Connect session on IBM Connections customizing:

Right after this event we took the "beer shuttle" to Hamburg for the BCCON event organized by Stefan Sucker and his We4IT team.
Oli Heinz tweeted this during the trip which says pretty much everything about our trip:
At BCCON I joined Christoph Stöttner as partner for the slightly changed german version of his IBM Connections scripting session:
I'm looking forward to hopefully many other events and sessions with Wannes and Christoph this year.