Google map link - IBM Connections Profile customization

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Tomorrow I will give a session at the Dominopoint Days in Milano on customizing IBM Connections and there I will show a simple Profile customization example.

In this example I added a home address as link which will open the address on Google maps

How to do this is pretty simple, create a resource bundle for your labels, check out profiles-config.xml and add the attribute to profiles-config.xml and profiles-types.xml.

Now open profileDetails.ftl and here you have to add the magic:

<@util.renderProperty ref=”homeaddress” nlsBundle=”belsoft” nlsKey=”label.belsoft.homeAddress”
hideIfEmpty=true ;  ref, dataId, dataKey, nlsKey, nlsBundle>
<th scope=”row”><@util.renderNls nlsKey=nlsKey nlsBundle=nlsBundle/></th>
<a target=”_blank” href=”<@util.renderValue ref=ref/>” >
<@util.renderValue ref=ref/> </a>