Manuel Ruiz

Thanks Klaus ¡¡

really help me


Brian Wert

This is great, what I really like is the custom permanent link. I have been trying to get the notification method that they use on greenhouse to work in our custom environment. Is your permanent link question mark shown in your presentation the same thing? We are looking for something to show up at the bottom of each page that we could post notifications.

Klaus Bild

Yes, it stays there on every page. Try a href link in your header.jsp with following style:
style=”position: fixed; bottom: 20px; right: 5px”

luis benitez

I think this is IBM Connect ’14 Material!!!


Great work Klaus. Really useful

David ONeill

A great overview of the flexibility of IBM Connections, I love the idea of the custom Media gallery objects example and have been attempting to implement this in our current Connections 4.5 environment, but am not having much success. I cannot get some custom string labels to load. I thought I’d try a simply example first with Profiles and I’ve managed to add additional attributes onto Profiles for the Details and Edit screens. However, I have been trying to customise some of the standard label in Profiles without success. Have you been able to do this?
For example, I tried to change the Pager field label to DDI, however, none of the options documented by IBM work (which are similar to your examples for Media gallery customisations. I’ve attempted the customised .properties file in the customizationDir/strings directory and also editing the file in resources/nls directory, neither of which update the profile details or edit screens with the new label (key/value).

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