Customize the IBM Connections Richtext Editor

The reading of some recent Blog posts on customizing the Richtext Editor of IBM Connections
– Activate and customize “Table of contents” macro in IBM Connections Wiki thx to @Stoeps
– Tutorial – Extending the IBM Connections Rich Text Editor thx to @IBMRockStar
gave me a good starting point to add some custom functionality to the RTE.

I played around with some javascript files and as a result my users now have 3 added CKEditor plugins:

  • Maximize: This is a standard CKEditor plugin which is already there&just has to be activated. As the name says it maximizes the editor inside a browser window
  • Templates: This is another standard CKEditor plugin which is already there&just has to be activated. But here I added some customized entry templates (Sales week). This plugin provides a dialog to offer predefined content templates – with page layout, text formatting and styles.
  • Business Card hover: This is a new plugin I created (no, I’m not a developer). It lets you easily add links to a persons Business Card (hover effect)

Just watch this short movie to see them in action:

If you want to know how this was done come to our session at ICON UK in Brighton or
Dominopoint Days 2013 in Milano.

See you there.



My favorite is the business card hover!

Thomas Seiler

Hi Klaus, great stuff. Do I understand you correctly, that we do not need to install any additional plug-ins, etc? thx, Thomas

Klaus Bild

Maximize and Templates Plugins are already there but you have to know the details on how to enable them for the Connections RTE. You have my business details if you need a Connections specialist 😉

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