Parameters for your IBM Connections Reports

For my session “Give your Community Owners the Reports they really need!” at Social Connections in Zurich I started playing around with the Cognos Report Studio and created some custom reports. To use actual UI data in your reports you can use following parameters:

communityid = CommunityID of actual Community
dcommunityid = Category Code of actual Community
endDate = Yesterday’s date
installedapps = _1_2_….
lclocale = de, en, it…

Parameters which change with the Connections metrics view:

Last 7 days
-> upnum 7, uplevel 0, range 7, rangetype D
Last 4 weeks
-> upnum 5, uplevel 1, range 4, rangetype W
Last 12 months
-> upnum 12, uplevel 2, range 12, rangetype M
All years
-> upnum 100, uplevel 3, range 0, rangetype A



I hope to see you at my session at Social Connections V!


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