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In a recent customer engagement I was asked how a Media Gallery can be locked so no further image upload is possible.

Reason for this was that they wanted to use the Media Gallery as voting platform for a competition with a defined end date. So the Gallery had to be locked down at this date but the Community members should still have read access to the uploaded images.

So the setup was simple, they used a Community with just the Media Gallery in it.

First thought was this should be easy to do, just go to “Edit Community” and then to the “Media Gallery” tab and change access rights for community members:


Mhmh, there is no possibility to change access rights there 🙁

Then I remembered that Media Gallery is using the Files component as object store and I decided to add the Files widget back to the community. So go to “Community Actions” – “Customize” and add the Files widget (will be in the “Hidden” content section!) . Now go back to “Edit Community” and then to “Files” tab. Change the access rights to “Reader”:



Now go back to the community and open the Media Gallery as owner or as member, voilà:




Btw, if you don’t want to show the Files widget to your users you can still hide it and read access will be still forced.



Manuel Ruiz

Klaus, really help me


Gaurav Aggarwal

Actually we want to know that is there any tool or some way available through which we can upload multiple photos in Media Gallery(IBM Connections 4.5 with FileNet).

Secondly we want to know that our organization has recently shifted from notes mail to Office 365 but SMTP server resides with us only. As per our last conversation we know that right now integration of IBM Connection with Office 365 is not possible but is there any way through which we can directly redirect the mail to SMTP Server just for notification only.


I would also be interested to know if there is a way to load multiple image & video files to a Media Gallery. I have an image asset store with plenty of metadata, so easily migrating these to an IBM Connections community is of interest.

Prashant Maheshwari

Please can you share details about how to upload multiple photos in Media Gallery

Klaus Bild

Unfortunately I don’t know a way for uploading multiple images to a Connections Media gallery at once

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