TDI Lotus Domino Users Connector & ID Vault: A rather bad relationship!

Recently I created a neat TDI script which syncs users from Active Directory to my Domino directory.
The cool stuff is that it also automatically creates the user ID’s and mailboxes (with different language templates) using different certifier ID’s (depending on AD fields) and adds them to Domino groups. The script worked  just perfect on my test system but failed miserable on my production system:

CTGDIS495I handleException , addonly, java.lang.Exception: CTGDKC065E Unable to execute Domino Action. NotesException occurred: ID=4,005, Error Text=Notes error: ID upload to the Notes ID Vault failed.

It looks like TDI does not support ID Vault (which we are using on our production system) This is really bad and there is no easy workaround 🙁
And I’m not the only one who wants to have this:

So please IBM, add ID Vault support to the next version of TDI!

UPDATE: If I add REG_RegistrationServer as attribute everything just works fine, thx Kris De Bisschop for helping me out!


Roberto Mazzoni

Not only TDI support would be nice, also a fine working Domino/Notes adapter for IBM Tivoli Identity Manager would be aapreciated.

Kris De Bisschop

Hey Klaus,
I read your article about your TDI issue with IDVault. I too have created a nice assembly line and I manage to upload the ID file in IDVault without any issue.
I just used the Domino Users Connector and the necessary arguments for the creation of the user.

Klaus Bild

Hi Kris,
which exact TDI version are you using?

kris de bisschop

Hi Klaus, I’m using version 7.1. If you wish we can share our configs. I had specified the REG arguments in the domino users connector.

Klaus Bild

Thx for your feedback. I used 7.0 (which was the version you could use free of charge with Domino) back then. Will test it again with 7.1 and will give feedback.

Klaus Bild

Added REG_RegistrationServer as attribute and now everything works

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