Click to Call directly from IBM Connections

Recently we changed our telephony infrastructure to a cloud-based voip offering using softphones on our PC/Mac clients.

IBM Connections is our internal address book and my goal was to integrate a click to call functionality into Connections so that whenever I see a phone number in Connections (profiles, business card) I just can click to dial.

The solution for this was to add a small javascript and some html to the profile configuration which creates a sip url for the phone numbers:

<attribute showLabel=”true” prependHtml=”&lt;a id=&quot;bria3a&quot; href=&quot;#&quot; onclick=&quot;javascript: var n=document.getElementById(‘bria3a’); n=n.textContent?n.textContent:n.innerText; n=n.split(‘ ‘).join(”); var‘sip:’+n);v.close();return false;&quot; &gt;&lt;strong&gt;” appendHtml=”&lt;/strong&gt;&lt;/a&gt;” hideIfEmpty=”true”>telephoneNumber</attribute>

Here I added the functionality to the telephoneNumber attribute but you can add it to every phone number.

Now I can simply click on a number to call it and our users really like it:

Special thanks goes to Urs Meli for helping me with the javascript.


Phil Salm

Very cool! If this could be modified to send the phone number to the Sametime search field, this could extend a number of other solutions with click-to-call as well.

Manfred Stadler

Great work, Klaus!!! I love it!! Greetings, Manfred.

Markku Hänninen


Can you tell us what service provider you are using with cloud based VOIP? Any problems with such solution?


Klaus Bild

Hi Markku,

we are using a swiss voip provider,
and it works flawlessly.


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