Add admin users to Connections security roles – the easy way

It happened again some weeks ago when I installed the Connections fixpack, all the users I added to the security roles of the different apps were gone after the update 🙁

But instead of adding them again manually through the Admin console I searched for a better solution and found an old blog entry from Marco Ensing:

This was the basis for this little jython script, which you can use to recreate your settings:

Just download it & open it with a text editor. It’s rather self-explaining, add your users and change roles where needed.

Finally run the script via wsadmin tool:

wsadmin.bat -lang jython -port 8879 -username wasadmin -pw YOURPW -f

Have fun!



Stuart McIntyre

I was asking if anyone had done this just last month. Thank you so much Klaus, great work…

Klaus Bild

Glad to have been of help.

Marco Ensing

Klaus thanks for putting this script together! Did you experience any troubles with the settings as used in the script? Per default the role everyone is mapped to everyone but after running the script it is mapped to the special subject “All Authenticated in Application’s Realm”.

Klaus Bild

Hi Marco,
yes, you are right. The file has been corrected, I changed
[“everyone” No Yes “” “”]
in the script to
[“everyone” Yes No “” “”].
Now the Role everyone is mapped to “Everyone” again.

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