Start Sametime TURN Server as Windows Service

Since Ver. 8.5.2 Sametime provides video communications across NATed networks or firewall via the TURN server when direct peer-to-peer communications are not possible. Unfortunately this “server” is only a java program which has to be started manually and which will be closed when you log out the server.

Workaround is to create a windows service which will start the TURN server as local system account:

– Download Windows Service Manager (SrvMan) from:
– open run.bat (which starts the TURN server) and add the full path to TurnServer.jar
– run SrvMan and add the batch file as service

That’s it, now you can automatically start all servers as windows services



Interesting information, but I also had to change the java.util.logging.FileHandler.pattern parameter in to include the full path to the log file :


Klaus Bild

Thank you for the clarification.

Radim Navratil

Do you know how to make “Start Services” Sametime TURN server on Linux?

Klaus Bild

Sorry, I have no experience with Sametime on Linux


dont work for me. No error, service look how running, but the Turn server dont start, unable to telnet 3478 port. is that support on IBM sametime 9? maybe…..

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