How to enable Online Awareness in your Lotus Notes Client after Sametime upgrade

Many customers are upgrading their pre 8.5 Sametime environments to 8.5.x Versions and therefore have to change the directory lookups to LDAP.
(If you already used LDAP lookups just ignore this post.)

Unfortunately online awareness for hierarchical names will not work anymore in the Lotus Notes Client (still works for email addresses):

This is because the hierarchical name is not a “standard” lookup field. If you use Domino as LDAP server the displayname field will be your hierarchical name and you have to add it to the LDAP lookup.

To do this open up your Notes Client with the Sametime Admin ID and connect to the Sametime configuration DB (stconfig.nsf).
Now open up the LDAP config doc and add (displayname=%s*) to the user search filters:

Save the file, restart you community server and recheck online awareness in your Notes Client. Now you should see online awareness for hierarchical names working again.

Comments/remarks very welcome.



Chris Miller

Grea tip, quick comment. You image shows one way and your text another..
Now open up the LDAP config doc and add (displayname=s%*) to the user search filters:

The image shows %s for those that may not get images

Klaus Bild

Thx Chris, of course it has to be (displayname=%s*), I’ve corrected the post.


Still not working… Displayname fields are in LDAP correct and online awareness for email addresses is ok, please any ideas?

Klaus Bild

Try “Use canonical names for status lookup” in your Sametime preferences – Server communities – your server – Options

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