Customizing the Sametime Meeting Center UI

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I really like the new Sametime Meeting Room Center UI, nice blue/green/grey screen.

Nevertheless our CI colors are more like purple and so I had to try to change the UI accordingly. Sametime Meeting Center is a pure Websphere application so customizing means find the app resource files and you are almost done.

So the magic path is :

$WAS_INSTALL_PROFILES_MEETING\installedApps$CELL\Sametime Meeting Server.ear\stmeetings.webclient.war\static-20110517-1459\oneui\common\styles

To change UI from


was pretty easy.

For this example I just changed 7 images (btnActionBkgd.png, LotusSametime.png, STiconHomepageLarge.gif, titlebarLeft.png, titlebarMid.png, titlebarRight.png, welcomeBkgd.png) and did some CSS changes in defaultTheme.css