Customizing IBM Connections Profile Labels

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Customizing IBM Connections 3.x labels is pretty easy, you just have to create a properties file, store your customized labels in it and place this file inside your /strings directory:

Customizing the profile labels on my installation unfortunately did not work although mentioned on wiki page (,

So I had to find a workaround by using an external resource bundle and use it in my profiles. This needs more than one properties file but is still pretty easy. In this example I will reuse a given profile field (pagerNumber) and will add a customized label to it.

1. Create a properties file for each language you are using inside your strings directory -> I’m using

2. Add the key-value pair for the string that you want to customize (for each language) and save the file

3. Add your external resource bundle to LotusConnections-config.xml by checking out the config and adding some lines:

cd D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles\Dmgr01\bin

wsadmin.bat -lang jython -port 8879



Open LotusConnections-config.xml and add your widgetBundle inside the resource tag, you have to use your property file name as widgetbundle name:

<widgetBundle name="com.belsoft.profiles.strings.uilabels" prefix="belsoft"/>

Check in your changes:


4. Now we have to use the new labels inside the profiles:



Open profiles-config.xml and change the line for attribute pagerNumber (bundeleIdRef has to be the prefix of your added widgetBundle!):

<editableAttribute labelKey="label.belsoft.privateMobileNumber" bundleIdRef="belsoft" showLabel="true" hideIfEmpty="true">pagerNumber</editableAttribute>

Check in your changes:


5. Last step is to update your versionStamp and sync all your nodes:


After a restart of your profiles server you should see the new label on your profiles page: