Change Sametime Client 8.5.x settings after deployment through managed-settings.xml

There are many possibilities to change you Sametime Clients settings before and after a client rollout i.e. by changing/adding some lines to plugin_customization.ini (direct or indirect through Notes policies).

Unfortunately changing plugin_customization.ini through Notes policies is not really bulletproofed an often doesn’t work at all. So I searched for some alternatives and found following in Sametime Infocenter:
Automatically updating client preferences with the managed-settings.xml file

The Infocenter does not go into too much details so I will give you an example how you can use it within your environment. In this example I will change two settings on the clients:

– Contact List Synchronization -> Force this setting, even if user has changed it and lock it
– Chat Window – Partner Status Updates View -> Change setting but do not lock it

First you have to point your Sametime Clients to an Update Site:

1. Open your Sametime System Console (SSC) and go to “Manage Policies”
2. Edit the “Instant Messaging” policy of the user group (or default policy)
3. Scroll down to “Sametime update site URL” and fill in your Sametime Communtiy Server URL and add “/update” as folder name


4. Click “OK” to save your changes
5. It can take up to an hour to refresh the settings on your Sametime Community Server and on your clients. To speed up things restart your Community Domino Server.

During your server restart you can create the needed managed-setings.xml file in your Domino http/update folder:
1. Access you Community Server and create a subfolder “update” inside your Domino http folder (data directory/domino/html)


2. Create a file called “managed-settings.xml”.


3. Open up the file with an editor and add following lines:

<settingGroup name=””>
<setting name=”showBuddyListConflictDialog” value=”false” isLocked=”true”/>
<setting name=”buddyListConflictPref” value=”replaceLocal” overwriteUnlocked=”true” isLocked=”true”/>
<settingGroup name=””>
<setting name=”showstatusupdates” value=”true” isLocked=”false”/>

4. Before you save the file check your actual settings in your Sametime Client


-> partner status updates are not displayed


-> Client will ask you what to do if contact list falls out of sync

5. Now save the managed-settings.xml file and try to access the file in your browser You should see your added lines if you look at the HTML page source:


6. Restart your Sametime Client twice (first restart it picks up the updates site configuration via policy, the second time it will pick up the settings inside the managed-settings.xml file)
7. Open up your Sametime client settings:


-> Setting is changed to “Replace the local copy…” and locked


-> Display of partner status updates is enabled but NOT locked

Et voilà, you’re now able to change almost every Sametime client setting centrally.

You can find a complete list of Client settings (8.5.1) here or in the Sametime Wiki here.



Kris De Bisschop

Hi Klaus,
interesting article about changing the settings of existing clients. However I tried it but it doesn’t work.
My Community Server is not filled in at the meeting server settings. My auto-status change settings are not changed.
Could it be possible that the plugin_customization.ini is not correct and not referring to the site where the client needs to pull the settings ?
I see this kind of message in the Log of my notes client:
CWPMS0012W: The qualifier is currently contained by Setting Group It was formerly contained by Setting Group This may be an error. Please contact your administrator.

Any clue ?

Klaus Bild

Did you copy the settings from the Blog post? If yes check the quotation marks in your XML, sometimes they get corrupted/changed.
If you haven’t changed your plugin_customization.ini settings your client will pick up the defined update site url and will automatically load your managed-settings.xml
But you can change the URL to the managed-settings file in your plugin_customization.ini as well:

Andy Higgins

Hi Kris (and Klaus),
I am seeing exactly the same error as you have here in my log files:

“CWPMS0012W: The qualifier is currently contained by Setting Group It was formerly contained by Setting Group This may be an error. Please contact your administrator”

I don’t see anything wrong with my managed-settings.xml file and this error above ONLY seems to appear in my V8.5.1 Sametime client embedded in my 8.5.2 Notes client.
I am pushing exactly the same settings to a V8.5.2 stand-alone client and it works just fine…
I am guessing that I am going to have to bite the bullet and upgrade the client to 8.5.2.
Any other suggestions?
IMHO the V8.5.1 ST client was the worst as they tried to fix a lot of things but broke a lot at the same time (see also my blog post:



Great Article – thanks…I do have one question though.

We have an existing (twio actually) sametime environments. I’m building a new single sametime environment. So I have a requirement to “reset” a users ST client (both IC and Connect) and have them read in a new OS delivered plugins_customization.ini

Give your comments about resetUser what would you propose is the best way to reset a user remotely and reconfigure the client?

Klaus Bild

I don’t see any possibility to do this remotely (without using an additional tool like Marvel client).
One of my customers did this by sending the users an email with a reset button and further instructions -> you just need a developer to create this button 😉


Hi Klaus,

I’ve been testing the procedure and its work fine. Unfortunately I can’t find the correct config in adding multiple Meeting Room servers thru the Manage_Settings.xml file. Can you help me with this one?


Klaus Bild

This should work with following settings:;serverId=
;serverConnectionType=0 (defaults to 0)

See this Wiki article


Hi Klaus,

Thanks for the prompt reply. I already tested that procedure using the plugin_customization.ini but I’m having inconsistency with the result. Can’t this be done using the XML file instead of the plugin_customization.ini? Because I read some article that the plugin_customization.ini is for intial settings and can be overwritten by the user.



this solution seems nice when using the ST console – but did you make this work against older Sametime community servers with Domino directory, by modifying the Sametime rules – i am currently trying with no success to prepare migration to ST + LDAP Directory + Console etc…


Hi Klaus – made it work without the SSC – just need Desktop settings to tell Notes client about the update site – follow TN1459948 🙂

Daniel Luginbühl

Hallo Klaus
At least for testing I have done a community server change by a deployment through managed-settings.xml inside the IT department. Sametime Server 8.5.2 Entry, Lotus Notes 9.0.1 with integrated Sametime client 8.5.2.

Well, the new community is appearing, after a slightly confusing message prompt, in to the local Sametime settings.
It works until this point. But if the users likes to logout and log in again on his Sametime he can never login again until he is restarting his Lotus Notes Client.
For the authentication we are using the token based single sign on.

Is this behavior an known issue?

Klaus Bild

Hi Daniel,
I’m using managed-settings.xml only for Client settings not to change given community server settings.
To change from one server to another community server you can use the managed community settings:

Never encountered that you can’t login after a logout, no known issue.
Please contact me directly via phone if you want to discuss your issue in more detail.

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