Add admin users to Connections 4 security roles – the easy way

Half a year ago I wrote how you can easily add users to security roles via a little jython script

Meanwhile Connections 4 was released and new roles/apps were added. So I created 2 new scripts (1 with default settings&1 with restricted access):


Christoph Stoettner

Hi Klaus,

in Reader in Module Common is set to “Everyone”. Is there a special reason on this? All other Reader are set to “All authenticated”.

I didn’t found any documentation on j2ee roles of Common App.


Klaus Bild

Hi Christoph,
I encountered some issues with the Media Galleries when changing Common app roles. So my decision was only to change the Reader role if there were security implications not doing it
-> as you said the documentation is poor and I haven’t found connections content being accessible with standard role setting

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