The Silence of the Installers – ICSUG Event in Bremen

Last week I had the pleasure to present a session at the ICSUG event in Bremen. Topic was how you can automate the installation of IBM Connections prerequisites, the installation of  Connections itself and finally how you can automate post install tasks.

The event was a huge success, more than 100 people were attending, the Keynote was delivered by Kramer Reeves, almost 50 top-notch sessions and 15 IBM Champions were present.

Big thank you to Stefan Sucker and the WE4IT Team for this great event!

The Silence of the Installers on Slideshare

A movie how you can use all these scripts will follow soon.

It’s pretty sure that I will publish some of the code in future. Please contact me if you want to know in detail how this was done or if you want to help improving the scripts even further.

How to upgrade Connections Content Manager to CR1

UPDATE: IBM added finally complete instructions how to upgrade to CR1

-> hopefully next time they will provide documentation not 1 month after a fixpack release!


Recently I started to update our productional IBM Connections 4.5 environment to CR1 which was easy for the Connections part but rather complicated for the Filenet/CCM part.

As I always tell my customers RTFM I checked the provided documentation first:

Fixcentral IBM Connections 4.5 CR1

IBM Connection Content Manager (CCM) – Information on FileNet 5.2.0 FP1

Mhm, sounds easy but I could not find the mentioned script after the Filenet FP1 installation and therefore decided to have a look at the developerworks IBM Connections Forum and surprise, surprise, I wasn’t the only one with this issue. To make a long story short this post pointed me to the right direction:

So here are the details what worked for me (Win install): Read more

Error creating Connections 4 DB’s – Oh Sophos! How do I love thee..

Just tried to create the Cognos BI DB’s on my Connections 4 DB server, I ended up getting a error:

No authorized routine named “COLLATIONNAME” of type “FUNCTION” having compatible arguments was found. SQLSTATE=42884

Quick googling helped me to remind myself to ALWAYS disable Sophos on the server, even if I only want to create some DB’s:

Media Gallery Image Preview in IBM Connections 3.0.1 aktivieren

Wir nutzen bei uns intern seit dem Erscheinen der IBM Connections 3.0.1 Version diese auch. Die wichtigsten Neuerungen in dieser Version waren die Ideation Blogs sowie die Media Gallery, in welcher man Bilder und Videos ablegen und mit einer nützlichen Vorschaufunktion durchsuchen kann.
Nur leider hat diese Vorschaufunktion vom Beginn weg nicht funktioniert und wir haben auf eine Nutzung der Galleries somit ersteinmal verzichtet.
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Installation IBM Sametime Advanced 8.5.2

IBM Sametime Advanced gibt es schon seit dem Jahre 2008 und ergänzt Sametime Standard mit Echtzeit Community und Social Networking Funktionalitäten (Persitent Chat Rooms, Broadcast Tools). Leider war die Installation aller Versionen vor 8.5.2 sehr komplex und kompliziert, unter anderem mussten IBM WebSphere MQ und der WebSphere Event Broker installiert werden. Diese Komplexität führte dazu, dass das Produkt nie Verbreitung und Akzeptanz fand.
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