Fun with TDI (aka SDI) and AD/Domino/Cnx – Part 1

As you can see I really love abbreviations but for those of you which have no clue what I’m talking about:

  • TDI -> IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator or the new name IBM Security Directory Integrator
  • AD -> Microsoft Active Directory
  • Domino -> IBM Domino Server
  • Cnx -> IBM Connections

Everyone knows the scenario, a new employee begins to work at your company but before he can use your internal systems he has to be manually added to thousands of systems.
This can be automated/simplified with TDI scripts and this was exactly what I did last week. Read more

TDI Lotus Domino Users Connector & ID Vault: A rather bad relationship!

Recently I created a neat TDI script which syncs users from Active Directory to my Domino directory.
The cool stuff is that it also automatically creates the user ID’s and mailboxes (with different language templates) using different certifier ID’s (depending on AD fields) and adds them to Domino groups. The script worked  just perfect on my test system but failed miserable on my production system:
Read more