managed-settings.xml issue after IBM Sametime 9 upgrade

I manage all our Sametime client settings through managed-settings.xml and I love the simplicity.

But recently I updated our IBM Sametime environment to Version 9 and the managed settings stopped working.

So I enabled the debugging parameters in and looked at the trace:

"org.xml.sax.SAXParseException: Premature end of file."

Mhmh, not very specific, sounds like a prob with the xml but I used the same xml without any problems with version 8.5.1

So I checked to open the file via Webbrowser, worked. As this wasn’t my first issue after the upgrade I was just about to change my job and become a gardener. OK, I opened up my webbrowser for a last time and wanted to check the settings again when a green light enlightened me:

Screen 2013-10-25 at 09.58.52


Oh man, of course, I enabled “Redirect TCP to SSL” after the upgrade but forgot to change the “Sametime update site URL” accordingly. The browser has no issue with the http link and just was redirected to https, but the Notes/Sametime client doesn’t like this and throws the error.

Guess what, changing the link to https solved the issue, happy bunny 🙂

Locking the Media Gallery in a Community – IBM Connections

In a recent customer engagement I was asked how a Media Gallery can be locked so no further image upload is possible.

Reason for this was that they wanted to use the Media Gallery as voting platform for a competition with a defined end date. So the Gallery had to be locked down at this date but the Community members should still have read access to the uploaded images.

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Media Gallery Image Preview in IBM Connections 3.0.1 aktivieren

Wir nutzen bei uns intern seit dem Erscheinen der IBM Connections 3.0.1 Version diese auch. Die wichtigsten Neuerungen in dieser Version waren die Ideation Blogs sowie die Media Gallery, in welcher man Bilder und Videos ablegen und mit einer nützlichen Vorschaufunktion durchsuchen kann.
Nur leider hat diese Vorschaufunktion vom Beginn weg nicht funktioniert und wir haben auf eine Nutzung der Galleries somit ersteinmal verzichtet.
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