ICON Switzerland – Das Lotus / IBM Collaboration Software Kundenforum in der Schweiz

Wie in den letzten Jahren führen wir auch dieses Jahr ein Kundenforum rund ums Thema Lotus / IBM Collaboration Software durch. Wir haben uns entschieden den vormals genutzten Namen LotusKnowsSwitzerland in Rente zu schicken und analog zu anderen Ländern den Namen IBM Connect Switzerland, oder eben ICON Switzerland zu wählen.

Screen 2013-08-20 at 08.48.50

Ihr findet unter folgendem Link weitere Informationen zum Kundenforum am 24. September und auch die Möglichkeit euch anzumelden:


Ich würde mich sehr freuen, einige von euch an der Universität Zürich begrüssen zu dürfen.

Customize the IBM Connections Richtext Editor

The reading of some recent Blog posts on customizing the Richtext Editor of IBM Connections
– Activate and customize “Table of contents” macro in IBM Connections Wiki thx to @Stoeps
– Tutorial – Extending the IBM Connections Rich Text Editor thx to @IBMRockStar
gave me a good starting point to add some custom functionality to the RTE.

I played around with some javascript files and as a result my users now have 3 added CKEditor plugins:
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How to upgrade Connections Content Manager to CR1

UPDATE: IBM added finally complete instructions how to upgrade to CR1

-> hopefully next time they will provide documentation not 1 month after a fixpack release!


Recently I started to update our productional IBM Connections 4.5 environment to CR1 which was easy for the Connections part but rather complicated for the Filenet/CCM part.

As I always tell my customers RTFM I checked the provided documentation first:

Fixcentral IBM Connections 4.5 CR1

IBM Connection Content Manager (CCM) – Information on FileNet 5.2.0 FP1

Mhm, sounds easy but I could not find the mentioned script after the Filenet FP1 installation and therefore decided to have a look at the developerworks IBM Connections Forum and surprise, surprise, I wasn’t the only one with this issue. To make a long story short this post pointed me to the right direction:


So here are the details what worked for me (Win install): Read more