AdminCamp 2014 – Mein erstes Mal

Endlich schaffe ich es einmal an eine Konferenz in Deutschland, genauer ans AdminCamp in Gelsenkirchen.

Ich freue mich sehr darauf 3 Vorträge mit Christoph Stöttner rund ums Thema IBM Connections Administration halten zu dürfen, mehr Detail dazu in der Agenda zum Event:

Falls Leser dieses Blogs auch am Event teilnehmen, schaut doch bei unseren Vorträgen vorbei und sagt Hallo.

Fun with TDI (aka SDI) and AD/Domino/Cnx – Part 2 – Upload a file to Connections

Files can be directly uploaded to IBM Connections through the API via a HTTP request. This is documented in the IBM Connections 4.5 API Documentation i.e. when we want to update a file inside Connections we find some informations on how to this here.  

Unfortunately the documentation has no examples (as Carl Tyler nicely described in “The Domino Designer documentation team screwed us all“) and is far away from being perfect. Starting point for me was to use the SBT API Explorer on Greenhouse and/or a local Rest client (I’m using the Cocoa Rest client on my OS X machine). Read more

Fun with TDI (aka SDI) and AD/Domino/Cnx – Part 1

As you can see I really love abbreviations but for those of you which have no clue what I’m talking about:

  • TDI -> IBM Tivoli Directory Integrator or the new name IBM Security Directory Integrator
  • AD -> Microsoft Active Directory
  • Domino -> IBM Domino Server
  • Cnx -> IBM Connections

Everyone knows the scenario, a new employee begins to work at your company but before he can use your internal systems he has to be manually added to thousands of systems.
This can be automated/simplified with TDI scripts and this was exactly what I did last week. Read more