Start Sametime TURN Server as Windows Service

Since Ver. 8.5.2 Sametime provides video communications across NATed networks or firewall via the TURN server when direct peer-to-peer communications are not possible. Unfortunately this “server” is only a java program which has to be started manually and which will be closed when you log out the server.

Workaround is to create a windows service which will start the TURN server as local system account:
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Adding IBM Sametime Windows Services

There’s another way to add Sametime Windows services as documented on:

Instead of adding uid and pw to soap.client.probs file you can add both via service stop arguments. Just use following command:

cd D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\bin
set PROFILE_PATH=D:\IBM\WebSphere\AppServer\profiles
WASService -add "STProxyServer_NA" -servername nodeagent -profilePath "%PROFILE_PATH%\STPPNProfile" -logRoot "%PROFILE_PATH%\STPPNProfile\logs\nodeagent" -stopArgs "-username user_name -password password" -encodeParams