Ownerless IBM Connections Communities – Python Script for the rescue (and you can use it as Nagios Plugin as well)

We have a lot of ownerless IBM Connections Communities in our environment and I guess every Connections Admin faces this issue in his system.

I haven’t created a python script for a while, so challenge accepted. My specific task was:

  • Don’t use JDBC for DB connections
  • Create a python script which finds all ownerless Communities
  • Use the same script as Nagios Plugin
  • Integrate the script into our Nagios Monitoring

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Error creating Connections 4 DB’s – Oh Sophos! How do I love thee..

Just tried to create the Cognos BI DB’s on my Connections 4 DB server, I ended up getting a error:

No authorized routine named “COLLATIONNAME” of type “FUNCTION” having compatible arguments was found. SQLSTATE=42884

Quick googling helped me to remind myself to ALWAYS disable Sophos on the server, even if I only want to create some DB’s: